Playing With Motors — Sensors!

Posted on by Jeremy

I mentioned before that I had gotten a sensor board from Charles. I had one board, which I intend to mount on TinyBike. However, I also want to put them on chipikart, which has two motors. Clearly, more sensors are needed, so I ordered some boards from my favorite purple board fab.

And two weeks later, they arrived! Solder party time!

A short time later, sensors! My three boards next to the MIT original®. Now to print some mounts and then…… Wait a minute. I don’t have motors yet. Dang.

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[...] Here’s some news from Charles from the Democratic People’s Republic of Chibikart project — a compelling discussion of his process incorporating motor sensor elements into his project, and the boards he will likely release as an official chibikart product soon — thinking that is already being picked up by other DIY motor-related projects such as TinyBike. [...]

by SensorChibi: Adding Hall Sensors to Chibikart with Hall Sensor Boards #makerbusinessmonday #makerbusiness « adafruit industries blog

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