Building The Darn Thing Part 1 Of n

ChipiKart In which I Dont Play With Motors

The title says it. Time to build.

A quick steel run and some time with the chop saw later, this happened.

Thats most of the base of the frame. When making a frame like this, the trick is to break it down into individual units of two pieces, weld the units square, and then weld the units together. That way, the whole frame stays strong and square. So! Welding!

Back frame reinforcements, cooling down.

Then the rest of the base gets welded up.

And the reinforcing brackets are welded into place.

I cut some more parts for the foot bar and the seat mounts, and welded them up.

They were then added to the frame. Since I dont have a seat yet, Im going to hold off on the seat mounts, as I need to measure whatever seat I end up using so that it will fit on the brackets.

And thats most of the frame done. Now I just need to do the drives, steering, brakes.. and pretty much everything except the bare frame.

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