Building The Darn Thing Part 6 of n

Building The Darn Thing Part 5 of n Maker Faire San Mateo is quickly approaching, and with it the first event of the 2013 Power Racing Series. Which means that ChipiKart is going to have to be much more than … Read More

Building The Darn Thing Part 1 Of n

ChipiKart In which I Dont Play With Motors The title says it. Time to build. A quick steel run and some time with the chop saw later, this happened. Thats most of the base of the frame. When making a … Read More

A Digression: Batteries

  Well, ChipiKart is done(ish). It raced at the San Mateo Maker Faire, but thats another story. One thing Ive been meaning to do to ChipiKart is replace the lead-acid batteries with something better, like one of the more stable … Read More

Modifying The Lathe Compound

An Aside Making Counterbores   Today, I wanted to do some single-point thread cutting on the lathe. But when I went to set the compound, I noticed this.   My tool post was butting up against the edge of the … Read More