Building A Boring Head

A Carriage Stop For The Lathe I havent been completely idle on builds like TinyMill. Ive just needed more tools. One thing Ive been wanting for quite some time is a boring head for my mill. And when I was … Read More

Building A Boring Head Part 2

Building A Boring Head   And so it begins.   I cut off a couple 1.25 lengths of the cast iron bar, and faced the ends to make them pretty. The big thing about this cast iron bar is that … Read More

An Aside Making Counterbores

TinyMill Part 6 Over the course of designing some more parts for TinyMill, I realized that I needed to counterbore some holes. I could easily fake it with an end mill or drill bit, but one of my design goals … Read More

Making Coasters

Inspiration A while ago I found out about Evil Mad Scientist Labs font coasters. I thought it would be lots of fun to make my own, and so I began scanning for fonts and material. I decided that Times New … Read More

Introducing The Odd-End

Quantum ORD Bot   Ive been printing a lot lately with a couple of extruders. On my ORD bot, I use a MakerBot MK7, and on my cupcake, I use a MakerGear stepper plastruder. And what Ive come to realize … Read More

Playing With Motors Sensors!

  I mentioned before that I had gotten a sensor board from Charles. I had one board, which I intend to mount on TinyBike. However, I also want to put them on chipikart, which has two motors. Clearly, more sensors … Read More